Banking: Client Relationship Management Solution


This client is a registered financial services provider which provides collective investment solutions in the form of unit trusts, made up of funds that can be selected by clients.

They have started looking at the future of their CRM system. As part of this investigation, they are comparing alternative solutions and assessing their capability to support their current environment, and facilitate future development.

Symphony has implemented a Proof of Concept (POC) to address all the major functions of generic CRM business process of client details amendment.

Project objectives

  • Implement generic business process of client details amendment based on “four eyes” principle – client data changes stored in database only after preliminary authorization.
  • Cover all the major aspects of business process management: flexible tasks routing, correspondence to customer using different channels, SLA and tasks prioritization, reporting, business calendars configuration.
  • Demonstrate implementation of responsive end user interfaces for client data management.

Project deliverables

  • Fully functional BPM solution which implements business process of client data, relationships and accounts changing based on client e-mail service request.
  • All the task routing rules are implemented as intuitively understandable decision tables, thus enabling manager to control process flow execution without any additional development efforts.
  • Well defined SLA policy, overall work items and particular process steps prioritization, escalation actions.
  • Comprehensive data editing features, including highly declarative data validation, “blind data editing” approaches, field-level auditing.
  • A possibility to attach documents to any record in the client database.
  • Highly customizable correspondence feature, which provides customer with real-time information about his service request execution.
  • Reporting functionality to reveal process performance and bottlenecks.
  • The solution provides a good basis for implementation of fully functional CRM solution.