Data Mining: Ratings Data Collection Solution


This household name client is well known globally for its credit ratings, research, tools and analysis of debt instruments and securities. It also offers support to credit and economic analysis and financial risk management.. It uses a variety of sophisticated data recognition and analytical tools, however, the process of applying these analytical tools is implemented as a set of manual steps without centralized tasks execution control and routing algorithms. They wish to integrate powerful BPM technologies into their analytical data mining process to gain a good control of process execution, tasks distribution and process monitoring.

Project objectives

  • Implement processes for business indicators collection from plain documents (PDF), their adjustment using different algorithms, approval and publication.
  • Incorporate flexible tasks routing approach and escalation actions.
  • Integrate existing analytical and document recognition tools into end-to-end business process.

Project deliverables

  • End-to-end business process, which introduces seamless integration with existing analytical tools both on service level and user interface level.
  • Flexible rules of tasks distribution and load balancing, including the possibility for the process manager to distribute tasks manually.
  • The solution provides any participant of business process with all the necessary information to complete his task as well as the ability to perform certain tasks using just e-mail incoming channel.
  • This solution provides a perfect example of transforming of a set of independent manual actions to a fully deterministic and controllable business process, thus increasing its overall efficiency and reliability of its results.