Banking: Incident Management Solution


A major Bank sought assistance in understanding how BPM could help them solve a big issue when dealing with Incidents within their organization. An Incident could range from a cash machine not working in a branch in a specific region or a non working air conditioning in a region central office. Overall this was a paper intensive process, lacking control, standardization, transparency, SLA management and was causing negative public feedback for the bank.

Solution objectives

  • Standardize and build an automated process across all the organization
  • Leverage business process management to automate controls, enforce SLA and increase both efficiency  and transparency of workflows processing
  • Create a fully automated solution (allowing for straight through processing)
  • Identify which process steps could be automated
  • Automate routing of work
  • Enforce SLA into process steps
  • Automated escalations
  • Push work to workers

Solution deliverables

  • Feasibility study
  • The banking organization was able to validate how the proposed Solution could standardize the existing processes and automate work routing and SLA management.
  • Our deliverables and Solution where achieved in a record time while achieving all the goals proposed and served has a benchmark for next coming projects .
  • This project created synergies with other existing projects, allowing for a better understanding on how to use the preferred BPM tool .
  • Redesigned processes enabled fully automated decisions, routing and closure of processes, while delivering an enhanced user experience