Insurance: Case Tracking Solution


A top 4 global insurance company needed a solution to establish an end to end tracking of customer business process cases over all involved systems.

Project objectives

  • Design of a flexible and scalable solution for tracking of states of customer business cases over all involved operational systems
  • Implementation of a solution for tracking of customer business cases in health claims

Project deliverables

  • Full transparency for the claim processing operations.
  • Enable the monitoring of end-to-end process, linking previously decoupled steps, thus giving the full picture of business flows both to business users and customers.
  • Enable the flexible configuration of business relevant events processing and perform escalation and notification actions as a result.
  • Highly customizable solution provided which can be extended to include new IT system into the monitoring cycle
  • The solution was designed as a centralized monitoring solution to cover business-monitoring tasks for all the core company business processes.
  • The solution provided defines a perfect basis for further implementation of business processes improvement using powerful BPM technologies.