Insurance: Message Gateway Solution


This top global insurance company already had structured input forms on its internet portal and all input channels had been fully digitalized for years. All paper mail was scanned and electronically routed in the company and the agents and also most of the partners were electronically connected. Plus they had at least five input message forwarding systems to deliver messages. Although still functional it was clear through their age and the long period of maintenance and multiple enhancements that the architectures of the systems needed to be addressed.

They wished to replace all the message forwarding systems through a new message forwarding system with a state of the art architecture and technology based on Pega.

Project objectives

  • Design of a flexible and scalable solution for forwarding of messages (electronic work with or without attached documents) between different systems like input system, policy administration systems, partner systems, and so on.
  • Lay the foundations for the company-wide Message Gateway to renew all input message forwarding systems.
  • Implementation of the first step of this solution.
  • Managing and forwarding of messages from the customer contact application.

Project deliverables

  • A centralized solution for messages receiving, enrichment and routing between different IT systems, developed to function in highly loaded, real-time environment.
  • The solution is highly extensible and easily enables the inclusion of new message types into message exchange process.
  • The solution provides a message tracking interface to see a full picture of the end-to-end message delivering process.
  • All the rules for messages enrichment, routing and archiving are included into BPM solution as configurable rules, thus allowing fast configuration to accommodate new requirements
  • This solution provides a good basis for intellectual messaging processing and can be used to perform analysis of business effectiveness.