Insurance: Transformation Program from strategy to implementation


This client was confronted with numerous internal and external challenges.
There was a high pressure for change: cost to high, complexity of IT systems, speed to market low, lack aggression, innovation and speed.

Project approach

  • In order to manage a programme of this size, we set up the Programme Organisation and were engaged in many areas of the programme
  • Developed the Target Operating Model, that describes the ‘to-be’ business architecture required to deliver the organisation’s business strategy,
  • Detailed and validated the Information, Application and Technology
  • Developed the location model, developed the SSC Strategy and took in part in helping the client to set up the SSC as well as manage the transition
  • The Corporate Business and Transformation Governance and implemented the transformation methodology


  • We developed the Transformation Roadmap and supported Business Case, to lay out the path for a complete business transformation, and oversaw a project portfolio
  • 40 + sub programmes / projects
  • Overall ~ 9000 deliverables