Banking: Service Catalogue Management Solution


  • A major Bank needed a Solution to manage its Service Catalogue in a way it could then be integrated with the Incident Management Solution. The current situation allowed for several different catalogues, without standardization and flexibility,. This was a decentralized service.

 Solution objectives

  • To design and develop a Solution to centralize and manage the new Service Catalogue.
  • Integration with the current Incident Management Solution
  • Assess current As-Is situation and developed a new centralized Solution which could be specialized by region
  • Created security access roles to relevant data
  • Creation of a central management console to manage the Service Catalogue
  • Management reports
  • Development of multiple features for each service type which can be leveraged by downstream solutions (to be integrated)

Solution deliverables

  • Design of a central service catalogue
  • Implementation of a central management console
  • Implementation of the Service Catalogue
  • Integration services and connectors to the Service catalogue
  • Automated business rules around each service
  • Design and implementation of a standard process to manage the service catalogue